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5 new restaurants opening soon in Calgary

Photo via @thelulubar

We’re feeling chipper. Why? Because it’s not every day that Calgary gets a new restaurant! And since we’re constantly looking for reasons to eat more food, you could say we’re pretty stoked for these 5 places to open up. Stay tuned for all the new, delicious spots you’ll be checking out in the near future!

The Goose YYC

If you’re into The Beltliner, you’re gonna love this new spot. The great minds behind it are working on this resto in Kingsland as we type. With any luck, it’ll be ready to go before the summer’s up! No promises tho.

Chix Egg Shop

Chix is “hatching soon” inside Alt Hotel Calgary East Village! There’s not much info on this one, but we’ll go ahead and make an educated guess that there’ll be eggs and fried chicken. Yum!

Lulu Bar

A “chef-driven bar in the heart of 17th Avenue”, Lulu is taking the former spot of Local 510 Kitchen. We’d say we’re sad to see the old go, but honestly, we’re too excited about the new.

Annabelle’s Kitchen

We’ll keep you in the loop: Annabelle’s is opening soon in Marda Loop! We’re sorry, that pun was terrible but at least the modern Italian, family-style eats won’t be. Try it this spring!

Purlieu Bistro

Purlieu Bistro is a modern resto in the Oakridge community. We’re expecting local, fresh ingredients and modern twists on classic food and drinks. Vague, we know… but it gets our blood pumping nonetheless.

Keep your eyes peeled for these ones Calgary! We’ll be updating you with info as soon as these places release more info! Till then, check out our other resto recommendations… trust us, we have a lot of ’em.