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Filipino fast-food favourite Jollibee is opening in Calgary

Via Jollibee

The Filipino fast food craze is finally expanding to YYC! Jollibee Calgary is en route with the opening of their shop at Pacific Place, finally bringing their mouthwatering eats to Alberta. This comes as part of a 100-store Canadian expansion of the crazy- popular brand.

Jollibee became a serious thing after the world got a taste of their take on fast food. Beside staples like fried chicken, they’ve got some oddities like sweet spaghetti and mango pies. No, spaghetti isn’t supposed to be sweet. Yes, it’s really dang good.

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Their cheeseburgers and tuna pies already have a solid following in Ontario. Now, it’s time for Calgary to get their hands on the newest fast food trend. We might split a bucket of fried chicken with you, or we might keep it to ourselves. We aren’t sure yet.

While we’ve still got a few months to wait for Jollibee Calgary to come to life, you can creep their Insta in the meantime. Yeah, we don’t know why the food looks so oddly perfect on there but we’re into it. Maybe we should start airbrushing our food snaps…


Where: 999 36 Street NE #10150
When: Fall 2019

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