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8 of the best places for ramen takeout/delivery in Calgary

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It’s going to be a crappy one out there, guys! This week’s forecast is calling for rain and comfort food and what the heck is more comforting than a piping-hot bowl of the best ramen in Calgary? Nothing, other than maybe a second bowl. Hmm, but where to go? This will be a tough decision, especially when our only current options are takeout and delivery!

Cozy up and stretch out those chopstick-ing wrists, because we’ve got your noodle cravings covered. Here are 8 of the very best ramen spots in Calgary offering takeout and delivery. Enjoy!

Wakado Ramen Bar

Great service and great ramen come together at Wakado. This unassuming Beltline spot is tucked into the base of the Versus/Mark on 10th and has gained a reputation for friendly staff and tasty dishes. As far as convenience goes, Wakado is hard to beat.

Where: 907 10 Ave SW
Service: Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, UberEats


You knew it was going to be on here so don’t act surprised. Jinya goes above and beyond when it comes to their food, guys. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until they reopen to enjoy that sweet, sweet bottomless bowl or all you can eat noodles. Don’t worry though, their flavour and their menu options hold it down.

Where: 1800 4 St SW #180, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes


Although this contemporary resto isn’t only serving up ramen, it’s earned a spot on this list with creativity and sometimes surprising dishes. The menu is described as “Japanese-ish”, and includes some seriously delicious ramen offerings.

Where: 1214 9th Ave SE, Calgary
Service: Door Dash

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Shiki Menya doesn’t play when it comes to the business of comfort food. Ramen has evolved and Shiki continues to evolve right with it. Their menu is split up into traditional bowls, and “new school” bowls- which are a little more inventive. So whether your craving something simple or something that might pack a little more of a punch Shiki Menya is your place.

Where: 827 1 Ave NE, Calgary
Service: Door Dash


Muku is a ‘true to their craft’ restaurant. The majority of their menu is just ramen, so they know what they’re doing. Their meat is done just right, and their broth is always perfect. There’s a lot to chose from at this place, so beware, fellow indecisive menu grasers.

Where: 326 14 St NW, Calgary
Service: Takeaway only! (403) 283-6555


Okay, these portions are massive, guys. If you’re super hungry, you’ve come to the right place. Ichinen Ramen is a Calgary delivery and dine-in favourite. The restaurant is kind of hidden, which is another reason we’re down with their delivery services. Everything here is authentic and tastes incredible, and their customer service is five-star, just like their trip advisor review.

Where: 3132 26 St NE #349, Calgary
Service: Door Dash


This hidden gem sits out in the city’s southeast and is low-key one of the very best ramen spots in Calgary. Trust us, one bite of the Tonkotsu Shio Black Garlic Ramen and you’ll be swearing by Tekkotsu.

Where: 1704 61 St SE #4
Service: Skip the Dishes


Shibuyu is all about food, sake, and friends. Unfortunately, you can only order two of those three things off their Skip listing. Everything is made with quality ingredients and man, is there menu extensive. Maybe take a peek at this bad boy an hour or so before going in for the kill. It’s worth it, but it’ll take some time to sift through!

Where: 449 16 Avenue NE
Service: Skip the Dishes

So there you have it. If you’re anything like us you’ve been thinking about what you’ll be having for dinner since yesterday, after dinner. Perhaps now, with these ramen delivery options, you have your answer. Happy slurping, Calgary.

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