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Guide: Top 10 local beers to sip on this spring

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Our idea of a balanced diet is a beer in each hand, so it’s no surprise we have some strong opinions when it comes to best local brews. Whether you’re into lots of hops, crushable bevies, or unique sips, we’ve got something to tickle your fancy. Stay tuned for 8 pints you’ve just gotta try!

Origin Malting’s Last Post Brown Ale

local beers calgary origin

This must-try hails from Origin Malting in Strathmore, and it’s highly recognized around AB. If you’re into tastes of freshly brewed coffee, chocolate, biscuit, tree nuts, and a little citrusy yeast, you’ll be a fan. Plus, a portion of all sales of are donated to the local Poppy Fund!

Alley Kat Brewing Company’s Scona Gold

local beers calgary alley kat

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include an unreal patio beer. It is that season, after all– so grab some Scona Gold and get down to soaking in the rays. This one is a little hoppy and smooth with a dry finish. Pick one up when you wanna be refreshed, extra points if you rock shades while you sip.

Cold Garden’s This Must Be the IPA

local beers calgary cold garden

Light bodied, hop-forward, fruity… this IPA is truly a masterpiece. Cold Garden describes it as a “citrusy fruit salad to the face”, which makes us both scared and excited (but mostly excited). They also say it’s like “making out with a cold pineapple on a hot day”. You get the idea.

Paddy’s Barbecue and Brewery’s Mocha Stout

local beers calgary paddy's
This beer is decadent, baby. Picture a silky smooth milk stout. Now picture it aged on 12 pounds of Rosso Tipping Point coffee and 3.5 lbs of Ecuadorian Cocoa Nibs. Yummy, right? (We kinda regret using the word “yummy” but we don’t regret telling you to indulge in this rich chocolate heaven.)

Be The Brewer’s Ctrl-Alt-D’Wheat Hefeweizen

local beers calgary be the brewer

Albertans voted to crown this beer as the Be The Brewer winner, so you know it’s refreshing, crisp, and super good. It was also named and designed by all of us, so it really is perfect in every regard! Try it out at the International Beerfest on May 3-4 in the Brightside Lounge!

Blindman Brewing’s New England-Style Pale Ale

local beers calgary blindmans

Looks like a milkshake, tastes like a juice. This is super citrusy, easy drinking. Swap it for OJ and enjoy it with breakfast or any time really, the sips are never not good.

Dandy Brewing Company’s Jungle Bird Tropical Dark Sour

local beer calgary dandy

You feelin’ summery yet Calgary? We are, and it’s probably because we’ve been crushing Dandy’s Jungle Bird. With notes of lime, pineapple, dark sugars, and a “kiss of herbaceous”, this beer’s anything but boring.

Wild Rose Brewery’s Wraspberry Ale

local beer calgary

Wild Rose uses real, fresh raspberries to give a tart edge to this super refreshing ale. Enjoy it with a marg pizza, chocolate, or smoked meats. (Honestly, just drink it with anything. It’s Tasty with a capital T.)

Annex Ale Project’s Affordable Gold Sour Wit

annex ale project beer flight
This one’s tart but balanced! With notes of zesty orange peel, delicate orchard fruit, and freshly cracked coriander seed, it’s pretty good for patio season. (Or for cursing the Calgary weather gods and dreaming about patio season.)

Fallentimber’s Pyment

local beer calgary fallentimber

We know, we know. Not exactly a beer but we couldn’t help ourselves from sneaking a mead on the list. If you’re into wine, you’ll be into this grape/cherry/raspberry combo. It’s rich, it’s good, give it a shot.

And that does it for our local beer picks! Think we missed something? Let us know by tagging us in your pick on Insta! See you hoppy people out on the patio.

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