This event in Paris is hosting socially-distanced floating ‘boat-in’ movies

Via Le cinema sur l'eauVia Shutterstock

Let’s add ‘boat-in movies’ to the list of things that need to pop up all over Canada ASAP. Over in lovely Paris, people are taking drive-in movie experiences to the next level with “Cinéma Sur l’Eau” (cinema on the water).

Now, we know that this insanely cool event doesn’t have anything to do with Canada, but here’s hoping that it will happen here sooner or later. Actually, waterfront movies have become a bit of a thing around the country, but we’d love to see them happen on lakes and smaller bodies of water over the whole summer. Sure, we love our outdoor drive-ins, but sitting on the water is something special.

At an annual festival called Paris Plages, temporary beaches are installed along the famed Seine river and Bassin de la Villette during summer. This year, since everything normal has been ravaged by COVID-19, the organizers have added the Cinema on the Water event.

According to event details, 150 lucky people will be able to watch a flick on 38 electric boats set up on the water. The boats will be set up to make social distancing easy, with no more than 6 people allowed per boat. Plus, these groups will have to family or friends to ensure that they are within their ‘bubbles’.

Honestly, it looks like an absolute dream (judging by the render, of course). Now, when will we be seeing this across Canada?

Fingers crossed we see them sooner rather than later!

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