The team behind The Price Is Right is working on a new ‘Uno’ Game Show

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From Netflix’s The Floor is Lava, to the many cringe-worthy, “couple up or go home” reality spoofs on HayU, production execs have mastered the art of turning everything and anything into a game show.  Heck, even family game night isn’t off limits!

According to Variety, an Uno game show is actually in the works as we type! Unfortunately, as of right now, not much is known about how exactly they plan to do this, or where we’ll be able to give it a watch – but we’re intrigued.

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The folks behind the show have actually chosen to keep the details pretty hush-hush, only letting it slip that audiences can expect trivia and even a few physical challenges in the midst of, what we can only assume, will be total chaos.

“Uno is a beloved game that has been entertaining people worldwide for generations,” Co-creators Silverman and Owens told the publication.

In all honestly- though we’re interested, we’re not sold on the idea of an Uno game show quite yet. We hope that it’s successful and can’t wait to see what they do with the fast-paced card game we all grew up with, but this game means a lot to a number of people and we just can’t bear to watch more people lose their minds over something like this on Twitter.

In closing – good luck folks. Don’t screw this up – or do, and catch us in the comment section. Our fingers are crossed for you!