Crave is now offering a full 30-day free trial to Canadians

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crave 30-day free trial canada

If you’re one of the few people who have yet to check out Crave, congratulations. Why? Well, the streaming service has extended its free trial to 30 days, up from 7. The offer is available now through April 30, so plan the day you sign up accordingly.

Owned by Bell Media, Crave offers a wide variety of programming. However, we’d be lying if we said that most people get it for everything. In fact, we only maintain a Crave subscription because it’s the only way to watch HBO programming in Canada.

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And, by the way, the trial offer features package deals, and one of those includes HBO. Let’s see, 30 days… you could probably get through Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos. Then, when social distancing measures end, you can ask all your friends if they’ve watched it yet or not.

Sorry, we’re getting off track here. Hopefully, that’s why you like reading our stuff. If you want the straight dirt of Crave’s new free trial offer, click here.

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