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Cast of Canada’s Drag Race to perform LIVE in Calgary at drive-in event

Via Voss Events

“Gentleman, start your engines (literally), and may the best women win!” You’ve watched them dance, tongue pop and lipsync their way to the finale – now see them live! This weekend, catch the cast of Canada’s very first season of Drag Race at the drive-in in Calgary!

Hosted by Brook Lynn Hytes, World of Wonder and Voss Events are proud to bring YYC the drag show of 2020 – because Yoncé knows that we could use a bit of colour this year.

Hop in the car, crank some ‘Kitty Girl’, and head over YYC’s Telus Spark Science Centre. Once there pop the trunk, settle in, and prepare to have your mind practically blown by the theatrical antics, glitter, and energy unique to an event produced by the folks behind one of the best shows on TV right now.


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In addition to Calgary, Canada’s Drag Race Live at the Drive-in will also stop in Montreal and Toronto, and then Ottawa for the last show of the tour on October 7th.

If we’re not mistaken, this might actually be the biggest live event to take place in Calgary since pre-COVID, so you will not want to miss it.

Maybe we’ll see you out there, Calgary! We’ll be the one being taken away on the stretcher for attempting an in sync death drop from our car rooftop.


When: Friday, September 18th
Where: 220 Saint George’s Drive NE, Calgary
Time: 7 pm AND 9:30 pm
Cost: $89.99 / per car of two