Paris, London, New York… Calgary? If we were to ask you what these three places had in common, your answer probably wouldn’t be that they are all among the best places in the world to take a girl’s trip – but here we are and there YOU are with your jaw on the floor.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love Calgary, but never did we expect to see our name on this particular list, let alone in the top 5 – because, yeah… we were right up there with the best of them.

So how did we get here?

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Well, this ranking, put together by Compare the Market was heavily based on the average spend of doing typical girl’s trip activities like hitting the spa, drinking wine, and going to a local club.

To narrow down their search, they sorted through the most popular social media platforms for hashtags like #girlstrip #girlsweekend to determine which cities were the most visited between January 2021 and now – and who would’ve thought, but Calgary got a nod.

“The only Canadian city to feature on our list, Calgary is often overshadowed by Toronto and Vancouver, but it’s the perfect place for a girl’s trip!” They wrote.

According to CTM, a one-night stay at a 3-star hotel would only set you back around $158.34, while a ride to and from your destination could cost less than $5.

They also mentioned our close proximity to places like Lake Louise and Jasper as well as the approximate age of the people in our city, as Calgary actually has one of the youngest populations in the country.

Taking all of this into consideration, we find ourselves at #3 on the list, right below Barcelona, Spain, and London, UK, just beating out both Berlin and Munich in Germany who rounded out the top 5.

Here’s what the rest of the list looked like, as well as the average spend in each city and their total index score:

Photo Via Compare The Market

Honestly, when you look at it like this, it does make a whole lot more sense. Wine may be a little pricier here, but the hotels are cheap and there’s a McDonald’s, a Starbucks and a spa around almost every corner.

To see the entire list or read more on why they chose who they chose you can visit their website here.