After months of prep work, Jim Henson’s magically wholesome cast of shaggy-haired characters are coming back to life and it’s all happening right here in Calgary. Folks, a Fraggle Rock reboot is coming and we had no idea how badly we needed one until we heard the news.

Filming is set to begin at Calgary’s Film Centre this Monday and although we’re not sure what the characters, plot point, or even set might look like, it can’t hit the screens of the next-generation fast enough. Honestly, we just need to know it exists in real-time somewhere.

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A revised version of the ’80s children’s classic was picked up by Apple TV earlier this year and will be co-produced by New Regency Productions, as well as The Jim Henson Company; who has stayed pretty true to the puppet masters vision of a sing-songy world where everyone is kind to one another.

Using the code name ‘Raphanus’ which is Spanish for Radish (a call back to the original characters), the YYC studio has been working tirelessly to build creatures, hire puppeteers and create, what we’re assuming will be a familiar cave that they can all call home.

For a bit of a refresher on the beloved show or to expose your nuggets to that hole in the wall that most of us couldn’t wait to crawl through on Saturday morning – Fraggle Rock: Rock On! A short-form reboot is on the streaming platform now!

Is it just us, or is 2021 starting to lookup? Happy viewing, friends?