We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Calgary Police likely see some unusual things and probably pretty often – but this? This one had to have been a highlight! This week, the CPS responded to an unusual distress call that had Twitter in stitches and us eager to share.

According to a recent post made on social media, officers received a call in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 22nd that a wild animal had gotten themselves into quite the pickle… jar.

Though the family who owned the property where the critter had been wandering had contacted several other organizations – the CPS were the only ones who were able to get to the Taradale home in time.

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There, they found a skunk with its little head stuck in a glass container, lost and panicking unable to get down the steps of the deck it was stuck on.

Obviously, because the last thing that anyone wants is to get sprayed by a cat-like creature, they had to be pretty strategic about freeing the Pepé, choosing to wait until he had tired himself out to avoid a fight.

“Guided by their in-stinks, Cst. Parkinson held up a large blanket, as Cst. Smith pulled the jar off the skunk’s head,” they wrote.

Luckily they managed to get out of the situation smell-free, the animal was able to leave with clearer vision and some fresh air. As for us? Well, we got to read one of the punniest police statements ever written (to our knowledge.)

Everyone won – except for maybe the jar, which has since been removed and recycled – unable to harm another fur baby again.