Alberta has become a strong contender for Hollywood North, with some major productions taking place in and around the area over the last few years. From Interstellar and Ghostbusters: Afterlife to HBO’s The Last Of Us which is famously filming as we type, our province has been crawling with camera crews. Of course, this kind of activity doesn’t occur without a few celebrity sightings. And where better to share your encounter than Reddit? With over 550 stories and reactions, one thread has totally blown up over the last few days with people recalling the time they bumped into a celebrity in Calgary – and you might be surprised to hear who’s graced our great city.

Originally posted by user MarkNPC, Calgarians were asked what famous friendlies they’ve met or seen while in the YYC and there’s far more than we thought!

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Both short and sweet to paragraphs long, here are some of the top-rated comments shared within the thread.

Surprisingly wholesome, no? Have you ever run into a celebrity while in Calgary? If so, who? We want to hear your stories over on our socials.