With December’s stat holidays behind us, many of us are getting back into the swing of things at work. From stiff necks and foggy minds, getting comfortable in an office chair can be tough – but at least we can say that our co-workers won’t try to take a bite of us. This week, instead of coming back to emails and parched plants, the cast of The Last Of Us will continue filming in Alberta – fighting zombies and taking names.

Starring Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) the well-oiled crew of HBO’s most highly anticipated TV show has returned to Calgary, with six more months of wild set design and apocalyptic scenes ahead of them.

This, of course, was actually confirmed by Ramsey herself in a short but sweet Instapost on Tuesday. Since kicking things off last July, she’s shown us a ton of love and even shared some BTS photos with us via her platform.

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the last of us filming alberta
Photos via @bellaramsey Instagram

For those who may not be up on the hype, this post-apocalyptic video game adaption will follow Joel, a smuggler, as he escorts a young girl across America shortly after a mutating fungus has infected most of society.

In the running for the spot of ‘most expensive TV show of all time,‘ this production is by far the biggest to take the province, and it shows.

From abandoned cars and airplane crash sites, we’ve really seen it all and can’t wait to peek at what else they’ve got planned for the streets of Wild Rose Country.

For those interested in keeping an eye out, The Last of Us cast will be filming in Alberta until March 6th of 2022 (according to ‘What’s Shooting Alberta,’) with a premiere date later this year.