While we might not be able to pack stadiums, we’re sure that every Canadian NHL team can feel their fans heading into the playoffs. And, Budweiser has gone and added a little something extra this year, by promising a round of beer to the city that wins the North Division. Here’s what to know.

Over the weekend, Budweiser announced another initiative, which was bringing a 20-foot tall iconic ‘red light’ to the winning city to help celebrate. Well, that kind of snowballed, and before we knew it Budweiser had upped the ante in a serious way. Budweiser stated that it will be giving away free beer to the people of whichever city wins the all-Canadian North Division. Hoo boy, that’s a lot of booze.

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Now, they aren’t going to be dropping however many thousands/millions of beer cans over the winning city. Instead, fans of legal drinking age can register online to receive a $5 pre-paid gift card. Which, if you think about it, is more like 1.5 beers at least. The Budweiser store doesn’t currently sell beer, so the company has recommended following along on social media for more information.

And, we’re going to say the same thing! Check out Budweiser on Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date.