After years of promises, closed-door meetings, and teaser posts on Instagram, the highly anticipated Friends Reunion will finally be released on HBO Max this month. Unfortunately, for fans up north, we may have to wait a while to enjoy the special. Luckily, one popular company has stepped in, giving 90s kids an opportunity to literally re-play iconic scenes of the prime time fave! Stretch your fingers, Canada, because next month LEGO is launching a Friends set, complete with everything you need to create your own miniature New York apartment.

LEGO friends
Photo Via LEGO

With over 2,000 pieces, this ‘adults’ playset includes tiny props from beloved episodes, callbacks to running gags and all 6 characters in their most memorable outfits.

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LEGO friends
Photo Via LEGO

From the giant poking device that the cast used to check in on the Ugly Naked Guy, to Phoebe’s dollhouse, LEGO has included entire seasons’ worth of adorable pieces that will have you feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

Of course, collectible entertainment like this does not come cheap, so prepare to drop a few bucks on the set.

Retailing at a cool $200 CAD, fans who are committed to the cause can order their Friends LEGO set on June 1st, 2021 in stores or on their website here. 

Hopefully, this will tie you over until CRAVE announces a release date.

Enjoy, Canada!