Ever travel to a new city and immediately recognize iconic buildings, streets, and attractions? Well, these are just some of the ways a city can develop its brand. If you’re curious about what Vancouver’s brand looks like, read on!

Brand evaluation consultancy Brand Finance looked at 20 countries across the globe, conducting a survey of close to 15,000 people to rank the world’s top 100 cities. The survey uncovers public perception of each city based on things like livability, opportunities for business and investment, culture and heritage, and outdoor recreation.

All of these factors contribute to a city’s familiarity, allowing its brand to be more widely recognizable. Out of 100 cities, London takes the top spot, with a score of 84.6.

Vancouver’s brand

As for Canada, Toronto comes in at #12, and Vancouver secures the #25 spot – which isn’t bad at all considering we’re up against some top global destinations!

Driven by opportunities for recreation, education, and socialization, Vancouver has a Brand Finance City Index score of 70.7 out of 100, though it ranks 8th place for livability and 17th for being open and welcoming. According to the survey, Vancouver is perceived as an inclusive and accepting city that welcomes people of all backgrounds.

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Image via Brand Finance City Index

The survey also highlights Vancouver’s retirement-friendly nature, determined by the city’s quality healthcare and accessibility for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Finally, Brand Finance reveals a positive public perception of the local job market, which ranks 13th. Though Vancouver’s unemployment rate surpasses the national average, the city was found to have a range of opportunities spanning healthcare, tech, and education. Vancouver thus attracts and retains high-calibre professionals, especially since it ranks high in remote work.

So all in all, Vancouver is seen as a scenic and flexible hub, leaving visitors and residents alike wanting more.

You can look at the full list of city brands to see how other destinations measure up.