February is Black History Month and in honor of Seattle’s diverse history, Seattle’s new Black & Tan Hall has created a free multimedia tour and a new community space. The audio tour highlights places of interest in Seattle’s rich Black history and gives a unique way to look back on the past of Seattle’s Jackson Street. Let’s check it out.

The tour is known as The Green Book Tour, paying homage to The Green Book, an African American travel guide that helped Black travelers adventure safely. Seattle’s Green Book Tour was created by the Black & Tan Hall which is opening as a values-driven cultural hub later this March. That means you can enjoy a grand reopening party and check out the new tour in one go.

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Now if you’re curiosity is already peaked, you can also check out the tour now. It’s available both online and as an app depending on your needs. When taking the tour you’ll be transported back in time to the 1920s and 30s as you learn all about the Black-owned and Black-friendly businesses that operated along Seattle’s Jackson Street. Better yet because it’s self-guided you can do it solo or enjoy it with friends and family.

You can learn more about the tour and The Black and Tan Hall at their website.