It is no news to anyone that a good night’s sleep is a well-being and self-care quintessential. The thing about a good night’s sleep, however, is that it doesn’t just happen. More often than not, you have to make it happen. That is where calm-inducing, self-care essentials come into the picture.

So, we rounded up 6 self-care essentials from local Calgary brands that will take any shut-eye routine to new levels of soothing. Of course, they make for great gifts too.

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Whether it is for a poor sleeper, an insomnia-stricken night-walker or simply a slumber-lover, these essentials will take your loved ones (or you) straight to snooze city. Take a look—

1. Magnesium Sleep Spray — Black Sheep Mattress

We were surprised to spot this at Black Sheep Mattress. We knew they were experts on quality sleep, but we wrongly assumed their expertise was limited to handmade, custom mattresses. Turns out, the sleep experts here have a few other products like this sleep spray. Made with the element of sleep itself, aka Magnesium, the spray has relaxing properties and improves sleep quality. Much like their mattresses, the spray too is clean and non-toxic,

Magnesium Spray
Photo via Black Sheep Mattress

2. Relaxing Bath Soaks — Without Co.

A great way to unwind and calm those nerves before bed is a nice, long soak in the tub. Which is what makes these Without Co. soaks a perfect addition to any self-care routine. Made with high-grade Epsom salts, the soaks are equal parts soothing and pain-relieving. Plus, they are a great way to pamper and show some self-love.

Relaxing Bath Soaks
Photos via Without Co.

3. Lavender Skin Oil — Ellie Bianca

Another local gem, Ellie Bianca has been making its mark on the Calgary beauty industry with its clean, natural products. And their Lavender Skin Oil is a personal favourite. For one, it works as a light hydration so you wake up with healthy skin. For two, lavender soothes the nerves and reduces the perpetual restlessness prepping us for our beauty sleep.

Lavender Skin Oil
Photos via Ellie Bianca

4. Natural Latex Pillow — Black Sheep Mattress

Honestly, we were very tempted to add a custom mattress to this list. And if a mattress wasn’t too big to fit under the tree, it would have been here. Nonetheless, we added the next best thing— the perfect pillow! This Black Sheep Mattress pillow is made with 100% natural Talalay latex and an organic cotton cover.  It comes in different sizes, heights and firmness levels, making it perfect for a variety of sleeping styles.

Natural Latex Pillow
Photo via Black Sheep Mattress

5. Organic Cotton Blanket— Black Sheep Mattress

Upgrade your sleep with a luxurious Organic Cotton Blanket! Crafted from 100% natural fibres, this cozy cover offers an ideal combination of warmth and breathability – perfect for any time you want to snuggle up. And the classic waffle weave doesn’t just look stylish; it helps regulate temperature by trapping heat while allowing air circulation at the same time. Enjoy restful comfort year-round thanks to this soft-as-a-cloud addition to your bedding collection!

Organic Cotton Blanket
Photo via Black Sheep Mattress

6. Just Breathe Candle — Land of Daughters

This local “Metis + female” brand is known for its unique scents in candles, sprays and perfumes. While we love everything we’ve ever purchased from them, we find their Just Breathe candle to be particularly soothing. The calming blend of bergamot, tea and light musk promises to transform the room into your personal oasis. And it delivers!

Just Breathe Candle
Photos via Land of Daughters

That folks, was our list. Let’s gift the gift of well-being this season!