Holidays are a time to over-indulge. Hey, no judgment! We’ve all been there. But all those raised glasses, evening after evening are events within itself.

This year, however, that might not be the case. Because Moxies has an easy enough solution to save our bodies, our mornings and our dignity (guilty). Enter: 3oz pour!

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The popular Canadian restaurant chain just launched its 3oz wine pours for the holiday season. So, you when the stories are just getting good you can order a 3oz glass of wine.

The half pour will be available in Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc and Tom Gore Cab Sav at participating locations all through December. So, you can celebrate every day of the week.

Now combine this with Moxies’ handcrafted and fresh dishes, their winter specials and their warm service, and voila! You have yourself the perfect recipe for great times and fun holiday festivities.

In their words, “Cheers to the glass half full!”


Moxies Half Pour