Since launching in 2019, E-Scooters have become something that Calgarians rely on in the summertime. Whether it’s a ride to the bar or a roll into work, electric two-wheelers are easy to access, super fun to ride and are incredibly affordable. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that Bird Canada, one of the city’s chosen distributors, has actually decided to move closer to the action, after all – we’re their biggest fans!

According to 660 News, despite operating in several other cities across the country, Bird announced this morning that they have decided to relaunch their Canadian headquarters right here in Calgary!

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Big welcome to @BirdRideCanada for moving its HQ to Calgary. The move should create 50 new jobs at a really innovative company!” wrote Alberta’s minister of Economy and Innovation, Doug Schweitzer on his Twitter.

The decision to move to Alberta more than likely wasn’t an easy one to make, but honestly, it makes total sense.

Unlike other provinces across the country, E-Scooters have been welcomed with open arms not only in YYC but in Edmonton and most recently, Okotoks – where apparently, they’re a total hit!

Now, as if this news wasn’t exciting enough, Bird has also decided that in addition to their operations in the inner city, the company will be offering their services in the University District as a way to help students get from their classes, to their dorms or across camps in a much shorter amount of time.

For those in the area, this could be huge – so we’re considering this a win.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear when this will be happening or if these scooters will count towards the 750 units that the company is allowed as per their agreement with the city, but we’ll keep you guys updated as information is made available!

Until then, keep er’ rolling, YYC! These are exciting times.