This fall, don’t just ride your bike – pump it at Calgary’s new world-class track which is set to open in confederation park.

Beloved by devout cyclists and adrenaline junkies, pump tracks are simple, yet, make riding a bike 10 times more fun.

As described by the city, these structures use a pumping motion to propel bicycles forward and relieve the driver from having to pedal.

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bike pump track calgary
Photo via Parks Foundation Calgary

“This bicycle pump track will complement the existing on-site amenities in West Confederation Park,” said Kyle Ripley, Director of Calgary Parks at The City of Calgary in a press release, adding that it’ll also provide more opportunities for families and Calgarians of all ages to enjoy and experience this unique sport.

In addition to being a good time, they’re also considered super helpful when practicing balance, improvisation and building confidence in young or new riders.

In fact, this particular structure will have two separate courses – one for people to practice their pump track riding technique and another that provides a more challenging ride for enthusiasts.

Photo via Parks Foundation Calgary

The idea is that once comfortable on the family-friendly course, riders will be able to ‘graduate’ to the larger track, giving people something to work towards.

If you’d like more information on Calgary’s $750,000 project (which was funded by the City of Calgary) you can visit the Parks Foundation website here, otherwise, stay tuned!

As mentioned above, the track is set to open this fall – so it’s only a matter of time until you can check it out for yourself!

It’s going to be a wheelie good time!


When: Fall 2022
Where: 2836 Canmore Rd NW, Calgary