Want to stretch your legs and get outside? One of the best ways to make the most of the weather is by taking a leisurely ride on a two-wheeler. Not sure where to go? Here are the 10 best places for a bike ride in Calgary!


We just can’t get enough of the Bow. At Carburn Park, ride in and out of trees, through wetlands, and if you’re feeling steady, along the rocky riverside where you can stop for a mid-ride picnic or a short break.

Where: 67 Riverview Dr. SE, Calgary


As the largest urban park in the entire country, Fish Creek really has it all, including what feels like an endless amount of trails, pathways, and routes, making it the perfect place to go for a bike ride! No matter how many times you’ve hit this spot, we can almost promise you that by taking the path less travelled you’ll see something you definitely hadn’t before.

Where: Directions here


A favourite amongst Calgarians, it should come as no surprise that PIP makes the list. By biking through Prince’s Island on any given weekend, you’ll be surrounded by people running, walking dogs, playing frisbee, and occasionally, running for their lives from angry geese. It’s lively, it’s vibrant and it’s worth visiting several times over this spring.

Where: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary


10 Of The Best Places For A Spring Bike Ride In Calgary
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Pearce Estate is a beautiful, lush, green park with pathways and trails along the Bow River. It’s also the home of the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, as well as the Bow Habitat Visitor Centre meaning you’ll likely see some adorable critters along the way.

Where: 1440 17A St. SE, Calgary


Pack a snack and commit to biking up Nose Hill.  Not only is this park full of paths, greenery and ideal for people/dog watching, but it also has one of the most beautiful views of the entire city by a landslide. It’ll be worth it, we promise.

Where: 5620 14 St. NW, Calgary


Bowmont is one of our personal favourites, simply because it’s full of surprises! From fields, flowers, wildlife, and even a waterfall or two your eyes will be occupied and your legs will stay cycling. What’s better than that long-way-from-home feeling – all without having to drive very far to find it.

Where: 85 St. NW, Calgary


Glenmore Park is a wonderful place for practically any outdoor activity. From boating to walking, running and of course, biking, anyone who enjoys the wind in the face and fresh air in their lungs will love this place – however, if you’re only going to hit one end of the park on your two-wheeler, make it the South. Because it is the site of a pump track (currently closed for improvements) it’s definitely the most bike-friendly of the loop.

Where: 24 St SW, Calgary, AB



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Completely immerse yourself in nature at Griffith Woods, a park that features a ton of walking trails, most of which wind through the forest surrounding the Elbow River near the community of Discovery Ridge. It’s quiet and peaceful, and you’ll probably catch sight of some animals on your adventure.

Where: Entrances along Discovery Ridge Blvd SW, Calgary


Confederation is beautiful year-round but in the warmer months, it’s really something else. This spring, take a long bike ride, then stop for a bite or longe in the grass and take in the scenery before continuing your in-city adventure.

Where: 905 30 Ave. NW, Calgary


Whether you’re just going for a short ride or are prepared to do an all-day thing, Baker Park is kind of a fail-safe location. Pack a snack or two, stretch those legs, and bike through archways, down pathways, and along the water. It’s actually pretty magical.

Where: 9333 Scenic Bow Rd. NW, Calgary

There you have it, the 10 best places for a bike ride in Calgary. Enjoy yourselves out there, friends! Stay safe, be smart and, especially if you’re accident-prone, wear a dang helmet.