Pizza is that kind of dish that you simply can’t get enough of. With so many variations, topping combinations, and levels of thickness, it can never get boring.

That being said, if you thought you’ve tried it all, think again. A new list is out, highlighting the best 25 pizza spots in Canada – from fusion creations to the most authentic.

Yelp has released a new list, ranking the best of the best when it comes to pizza shops in the Great White North.

According to the review site, they identified businesses in the pizza category and then proceeded to rank them based on a number of factors like total volume and ratings of reviews.

So it’s not just Yelp saying it’s the best – it’s the people!

Well, we took a look at the list and per the results, British Columbia and Ontario pizza spots dominated with nine restos each. But who came out on top?

B.C’s Artista Pizza in Pitt Meadows took the lead for simply serving the best ‘za around.

However, the second, third, and fourth place were taken over by Toronto restaurants Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria, Descendant Detroit Style Pizza, and Cafe Oro Di Napoli, respectively.

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Want to see who else made the list? Here are Yelp’s top 25 pizza spots in Canada:

  1. Artista Pizza – Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
  2. Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria – Toronto, Ontario
  3. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza – Toronto, Ontario
  4. Cafe Oro Di Napoli – Toronto, Ontario
  5. Creekbread – Whistler, British Columbia
  6. Rocket Pie – Canmore, Alberta
  7. Scratch Kitchen – North Vancouver, British Columbia
  8. Emilio Finatti Pizzeria – Langley, British Columbia
  9. Red Rock Pizza – Canmore, Alberta
  10. La Pizzaio – Québec City, Quebec
  11. Captain’s Pizza Oven – Surrey, British Columbia
  12. Pizza Break – Vaughan, Ontario
  13. Applestone Pizzeria – Burlington, Ontario
  14. Il Focolaio – Montréal, Québec
  15. Gaga Pizzeria – Calgary, Alberta
  16. Napoli Centrale – Toronto, Ontario
  17. Jeanne’s Pizza Party – Calgary, Alberta
  18. Pizza on Earth – Dorset, Ontario
  19. Pizza Carano – Vancouver, British Columbia
  20. Slice of Fire – Markham, Ontario
  21. Bad Tattoo Brewing – Penticton, British Columbia
  22. 850 Degrees Pizzeria – Etobicoke, Ontario
  23. AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint – Vancouver, British Columbia
  24. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co – Canmore, Alberta
  25. Nook – Vancouver, British Columbia

Although National Pizza Day is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep celebrating the cheesy occasion all weekend long.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these. It looks like we have a lot of groundwork to cover this weekend.