We’re talking presite, baby! A new ranking of the best universities in the world has come out, and a few Canadian names have landed on it. The QS World University Rankings for 2023 was published this week, offering one look at how post-secondary schools all over the world stack up against one another.

And out out some 1,500 universities in total, a pretty darn respectable 10 Canadian spots made it into the top 250, with 3 of them managing to land in the top 50! Not a bad ratio, if you ask us. Just to clarify, the rankings are based on a few different metrics, being:

Put out every year, the QS World University Rankings assess some 1,300 universities around the world on a variety of metrics. These are:

  1. Academic Reputation
  2. Employer Reputation
  3. Faculty/Student Ratio
  4. Citations per faculty
  5. International Faculty Ratio
  6. International Student Ratio

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So, here are the best Canadian universities right now, according to QS:

  1. McGill University (Global Rank: 31)
  2. University of Toronto (Global Rank: T- 34)
  3. University of British Columbia (Global Rank: 47)
  4. University of Alberta (Global Rank: 110)
  5. Universite de Montreal (Global Rank: T- 116)
  6. McMaster University (Global Rank: 152)
  7. University of Waterloo (Global Rank: 154)
  8. Western University (Global Rank: T- 172)
  9. University of Ottawa (Global Rank: 237)
  10. University of Calgary (Global Rank: 242)

Hmmm… yeah, that pretty much falls in line with what our own opinions are!

Good to know that quite a few of the best Canadian universities are also in the running for best in the world! To check out the rankings in full for yourself, just click here.