If you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, then you should check this out. Today, LinkedIn revealed a new list of the top companies in Canada to grow a career. From tech to banking to retail, there’s something on this list for just about everyone.

For their ‘Top Companies of 2022’, LinkedIn used a variety of metrics for the rankings. These are “ability to advance; skills growth; company stability; external opportunity; company affinity; gender diversity and educational background.” Basically, all the stuff that would make employees want to stick around, and keep them ready for the next chapter of their career.

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It should be noted that only major companies (at least 500 employees) are eligible for the list. What’s more, companies that had over 10% of attrition (loss of workers) or layoffs over 10% throughout 2021 were not included in the list either.

So, here’s the list in full!

  1. RBC
  2. TD
  3. Alphabet
  4. SAP
  5. Scotiabank
  6. Cognizant
  7. Salesforce
  8. CIBC
  9. PepsiCo
  10. Bell
  11. BMO Financial Group
  12. Amazon
  13. George Weston Ltd.
  14. Unilever
  15. AMD
  16. Desjardins
  17. Siemens
  18. The Hospital for Sick Children
  19. Citi
  20. Publicis Groupe
  21. Walmart
  22. Apple
  23. PCL Construction
  24. Meta
  25. General Motors

Well, those are the top companies in Canada to grow a career this year! If you’re wondering if you might be a prime candidate to work at one of these names, then you can learn about hiring focuses through LinkedIn. Good luck out there!