Now that the weather’s a little warmer (if still rainy), we’re thinking it might be time for a break from sitting at the kitchen table all day. And luckily, there are quite a few great cafes to get some work done around Vancouver. Whether you’re studying for a big test, sending emails, or working on your latest project, we’ve got ideas about where to go.

Here are great cafes to get some work done around Vancouver.

Small Victory


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It might be called Small Victory, but this bright and airy brand is a big win for our coffee scene. It’s a great spot if you want to overhear some fun business meetings or something in between your working stints.

Where: 1088 Homer Street and 3070 Granville Street


Maybe the original ‘hipster’ coffee bar in the city, Revolver has evolved into an absolutely classic Gastown option. If you’re fan of hustle and bustle while you work away, then you’ll have ample opportunity to people watch either in the main room or the adjacent space.

Where: 325 Cambie Street

Breka Bakery and Cafe


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Every student and night owl’s dream. Breka has locations all around the city, but we’re partial to the ones on West 4th and downtown. If you need to cram for a big test, or just feel most productive at 2AM, then this 24 hour spot is the place to be.

Where: 855 Davie Street and 3750 W 4th Avenue

Gene Coffee Bar

A Main Street icon, Gene has remained thanks to a few factors. First, it’s certainly one of the more eclectic spaces in the city. Second, there’s ample space (considering where it is) to sit down and get some work done. Third, those massive bay windows are great for people watching.

Where: 2404 Main Street

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Harken Coffee


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It took a while for this concept in Japantown to get off the ground, but oh boy are we happy that it did. Not only is the space minimalist yet cozy, but everything on the menu here is vegan! It’s a great off the beaten path option, and worth a visit from any coffee enthusiast.

Where: 338 Powell Street

The Garden

The Garden definitely takes the cake for the lushest coffee shop in Vancouver. The interior design’s on point, and their ever-growing selection of plants will have you feeling like you’re strolling through VanDusen every time you visit. Pair that with a great coffee menu, and this is a great choice for cafes to do some work in Vancouver.

Where: 868 E Hastings Street

Nelson the Seagull

A perennial favourite, Nelson the Seagull was one of the first coffee shops we visited when we arrived in Vancouver. Years later, we still see it as an amazing space with great coffee and food options. Plus, their interior design will have you ready to buckle down and study. Just don’t hog a table if things get too busy!

Where: 315 Carrall Street

The Birds and the Beets

This spot is just as good for a light snack as it is for coffee, and we love the fact that we can buy flowers to brighten our (or a loved one’s) day. The brioche is delicious, and the avocado and poached egg sandwich is one of the best deals in the city.

Where: 55 Powell Street



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Nemesis exploded into the Vancouver scene a few years back and boasts some of the more interesting coffee shops in the city. The original location downtown is great, and their North Van spot is right beside an art gallery (nice). But, our top pick is their latest location, which is easily the most interesting coffee shop in the city.

Where: 555 Great Northern Way

49th Parallel Café

The Kits location is probably the most famous coffee shop in the city, but 49th Parallel has three locations worth checking out. Good colour scheme, great coffee, and delicious donuts. However, this is the spot for yeast instead of cake batter, trust us. Get a filled one for maximum effect. Our second choice? The Main Street location.

Where: 2198 West 4th Avenue and 2902 Main Street

Pallet Coffee Roasters

Like 49th Parallel, Pallet has got a few locations around the city to check out. And while they’re all nice options, time and time again we find ourselves returning to their HQ and roastery, to enjoy the massive space and ample seating available.

Where: 395 Alexander Street

Ok coffee lovers, that’s our roundup of the best cafes in Vancouver to get some work done. We hope that this list helps you out the next time you need a little break from that work/study from home life.