Hungry? We definitely are! And the only way to satisfy our cravings is with a delicious, mouthwatering juicy burger. Luckily for us, Toronto has the best around. From massively loaded creations to smash burgers and the classics, there’s a handful of spots to discover.

We’ve compiled a list of the best burgers in Toronto and let’s just say, these are some game changers.

Here are 11 of the best burger spots to enjoy in Toronto.

Aloette Go


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With a more “refined approach to fast casual dining,” Aloette Go offers staple meals like its mouthwatering cheeseburgers. Made with a quarter pound beef patty, go sauce, crispy cheddar cheese, onions and pickle, what’s not to love?

Where:  171 East Liberty St & 2362 Yonge St

Happy Burger

You had us at potato bun! Burgers here are fully loaded with all the right stuff and seared to perfection.

Whether you lean towards a classic Happy Burger with all the fixings, waffles fries and a drink, or go big with the Pastrami Burger, you can’t go wrong.

Where: 76 Lippincott Street & 881 Yonge St

Top Gun Burger


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Here’s a place that doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality burgers.

Top Gun Burger not only cooks up massive burger creations and combinations, but they are also 100% halal. From 6 oz, never frozen meat to AAA Rib Eye steak, there’s a lot to try so make sure you come hungry.

Where: Several locations

Harry’s Charbroiled

These mouth-watering creations will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Harry’s Charbroiled serves, well, charbroiled smash burgers cooked to perfection, all in a quirky Christmas-themed setting.

There are tons of great menu items to try, but we have to recommend the Harry’s Red and Green Burger. It’s made with pork chorizo and topped with all the fixings. Trust us on this one.

Where: 293 Palmerston Ave

Rosie’s Burger


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Sometimes all you need is a classic smash burger to get you through the day. That’s what Rosie’s Burger is there for.

It’s a popular spot thanks to its simple and traditional take on burgers and its flavour profile.

Where: 573 Queen St W

Cabano’s Comfort Food

This quick-service burger joint has several locations around the city. If you’re too hungry to wait, this is the spot you need to go — they’ll make your burger combo in a matter of minutes. In addition to cheeseburgers, you’ll find chicken burgers, wings, and soft-serve ice cream on the menu too.

Where: 73 St Nicholas Street

The Bullger

You just can’t miss the sky-high burgers this next joint is serving up. With three Toronto locations, The Bullger quickly earned a place in the hearts and stomachs of locals.

These wild burgers are piled high with loads of unbelievable toppings and you can get your patty smashed between two grilled cheese buns.

Where: See all locations here

Matty’s Patty’s

This delicious burger spot is a must-hit. With its namesake from celebrity Chef Matty Matheson, it’s already loaded with hype. But don’t worry, it lives up.

The menu has all your classics: single, double, and cheeseburgers, plus incredible toppings like the famous Matty’s Pattys sauce or pickled jalapeño mayo. Stop by for walk-up takeout any day of the week.

Where: 923A Queen Street West

Ozzy’s Burgers


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Everyone loves Ozzy’s! This burger chain is known for its mouthwatering flavour combinations and chef’s kiss-worthy patties.

Not only do locals love it, but celebs too! Jason Momoa was spotted at this gourmet burger joint in Kensington Market back in October 2021.

WhereSee all locations here


This spot’s menu may be short, but what they do offer, they’ve perfected. Stop by any of their Toronto locations to sink your teeth into perfectly crafted burgers.

There’s the Rudy Classic, a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Rudy sauce. Then, there’s the Rude Dude, a double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Rudy sauce. Plus, the Valentino, a crispy chicken sandwich with coleslaw, Valentino sauce, and hot sauce.

Where: See all locations here

Burger Drops


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Drop everything and hit up the oh-so-delicious Burger Drops. This Liberty Village joint is serving up some of the tastiest burgers in town. They specialize in smash burgers and fries, loaded with tons of incredible toppings.

Where: 116 Atlantic Avenue