Listen we all love a light snack and feeling like we’re on the coast in France or something. But sometimes, it’s nicer to just go off the rails. And that’s exactly what we’re after today. We’ve rounded up some of the best buffets and all you can eat spots in Edmonton, for the truly devoted diners out there. Let’s see what we’ve got!


We’re starting things off in the big leagues. This steakhouse offers an ‘all you can indulge’ dinner menu with endless servings of different cuts of meat, salad to lighten things up, and dessert to cap off the meal (if you’ve got the room). It’s pricy, but it’s oh, so worth it.

Where: 9626 Ellerslie Road SW and 17020 100 Avenue NW
Cost: $92.95 for dinner and $39.95 for lunch


An absolute classic in the city, and for good reason. Little India offers a wide range of Indian and Chinese dishes, but obviously, we suggest you opt for the former. Ever get the feeling that the only thing that makes your takeout dinner better is just one more dish to try? Yeah, no problem with that here.

Where: 9250 34 Avenue NW
Cost: $15.95+



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Besides, why not just hit up Yang Ming for the largest of the Chinese food buffets in Edmonton? With over 100 delicious served daily, it’ll take you months, not even weeks, to properly work your way through it.

Where: 3414 118 Avenue NW
Cost: $19.99+

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Also on our list of the best patios in the city, there’s no denying the Sunday brunch here is worthy of a mention for buffets and all you can eat options in Edmonton as well. Like Pampa, it’s not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for- fresh seafood, a custom crepe station, and a whole lot more awaits.

Where: 10065 100 Street NW
Cost: $79



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Next up, some sushi. Arguably the lightest choice of the all you can eat options in Edmonton, there’s still no denying the go big or go home mentality here. Our advice? Don’t overload on it, and instead save a little bit of room for their izakaya dishes as well.

Where: 13619 St Albert Trail NW
Cost: $19.99+


Need a classic, sit-down, lunch or dinner for the ages? Chances are you’ll find it here. While there’s a wide variety of dishes on the menu, our top choice is obviously their roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and some corn on the cob. You’ll sleep for 10, 12, maybe even 14 hours afterwards.

Where: 17202 95 Ave NW
Cost: $19.99+



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Best reserved for the colder/rainier days, but a wonderful option to have in the hopper. Basically an endless bowl of broth, Chili Hot Pot will let you add practically whatever you want to it, from pork to seafood to beef to veggies. Really, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Where: 7219 104 Street NW
Cost: $24.99


Know what else we need on this list? Korean BBQ. Luckily, Korean Village Restaurant has us covered, with a wide array of meats and veggies and the added bonus of cooking everything at your own table. Are you going to become a Benihana chef afterwards? Maybe.

Where: 7727 85 Street NW
Cost: $42

There you have it, folks! Our top picks for delicious buffets and all you can eat options to try out in Edmonton! Stay hungry!