As Halloween approaches, you might just be wondering where to trick or treat, especially if safety is one of your top concerns. Let’s just say that Seattle didn’t make the cut this year but a city very near to ours just ranked among the safest in nation for trick-or-treating. Let’s check it out.

Chamber of Commerce analyzed data from more than 300 US cities, comparing them against five metrics, pedestrian fatalities, violent crime, property crime, number of registered sex offenders, and number of law enforcement employees.

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The top 10 safest city’s the nation for trick or treating are as follows.

  1. Gilbert, AZ
  2. Cambridge, MA
  3. Cary, NC
  4. Naperville, IL
  5. Rochester, MN
  6. Irvine, CA
  7. Scottsdale, AZ
  8. Carlsbad, CA
  9. Glendale, CA
  10. Stamford, CT

There’s no Seattle in the top 10 but Bellevue, Washington did take 15th place with an overall score of 75. It’s the only Washington city that made the list but our southern neighbour Hillsboro, Oregon did take 21st place with an overall score of 74.

Let’s give it up for Bellevue, in the meantime, Seattle can work on getting itself on the list. You can check out the full study by visiting Chamber of Commerce’s website.