A pretty unique competition went down in Langley over the weekend, as BC’s Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off landed at Krause Farms. The results? BC’s biggest pumpkin ever has been grown, at least officially, and woah boy is it a doozy!

While there were entrants from all over the province, it was a man by the name of Dave Chan that really shut the game down from the get-go. Estimated at some 1,800lbs, the pumpkin’s official weight ended up being just over a hundred pounds more than that, at a mind-boggling 1,911lbs.

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biggest pumpkin
Photo via https://giantpumpkinsbc.com/

For reference, Chan’s pumpkin was some 700lbs heavier than the runner-up, which weighed 1,196lbs. But, he still has a ways to go if he wants the world record, which currently sits at an insane 2,624lbs. We say go for the record, Mr. Chan, we know that you can do it!

In the meanwhile, we want to see at least a couple of these massive pumpkins turned into the craziest jack-o-lanterns to ever bet created. You’ve basically got a fairytale home to work with here, and could literally recreate the Great Pumpkin scene from Charlie Brown on it. Pumpkin scene on a pumpkin? That’s the kind of meta content we’re looking for here at Curiocity.