Hot off the heels of a new app launching in Vancouver, another concept has arrived! The folks at Food Stash Foundation have opened their own ‘pay what you feel’ grocery store, bringing healthy surplus food at very reasonable prices (if not none at all). Curious about how it works? Let’s check it out.

Food Stash Foundation has been around for a few years now, with the aim of helping deal with food surplus from restaurants, producers and whoever else has extra! Over the years, they’ve expanded from delivering food boxes, and now have their own warehouse and a community fridge, saving some 70,000 pounds of food a month.

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And, the new Rescued Food Market is the latest initiative from the foundation! Every Friday starting, the Rescued Food Market opens its doors as a ‘pay what you feel’ zero-waste grocery store. Inside, visitors will find healthy and nutritious food from grocers, farmers and wholesalers.

The Rescued Food Market is open to everyone, promoting an equitable circular economy. And while this is a fantastic way to help deal with the stigma of food insecurity, we do ask that our readers who can afford to donate do so. Remember, the tragedy of the commons is a myth, just so long as you help it stay that way!

Rescued Food Market

When: Open every Friday, 3:30PM-6PM
Where: 340 West 2nd Avenue