Long before the fried chicken sandwich trend swept Canada, one trailblazer created the be-all-end-all in the scene. Of course, we’re talking about the KFC Double Down. For the first time in years, and almost a decade after its initial release, the sandwich is coming back.

For those who don’t remember, the Double Down uses fried chicken as the buns, with bacon, cheese, and a sauce as the filling. While the concept itself is larger than life, the Double Down, ironically, is about as healthy as other fast-food sandwiches of the same size. Not great (by any measure), but not immediately heart attack inducing.

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Turns out, the sandwich made its return in the states earlier this year, and now KFC is ready for Canada to get a taste. The Double Down will be widely available starting October 4th, but some locations are already offering it. So, check-in if you’re craving a serious fried chicken sandwich this week.

Now, time for us to decide what adjustments we need to make in our diet to rationalize getting a KFC Double Down for ourselves. Maybe salads and smoothies for an entire day beforehand? Yeah, that’s cleansing enough.