Well folks, we guess that when winter wants to hit, it hits hard. As of this morning, Environment Canada has got a winter weather warning in place for almost all of BC. Pretty much every region is currently going through it right now, whether it’s due to snowfall, extreme cold, or arctic outflows…

This includes Metro Vancouver, which currently has a weather warning in place for a winter storm, following some pretty serious snowfall last night. According to the warning, another 10 to 20cm of snow could be hitting the region tonight, and lasting through to Thursday morning. Yeah, even driving around the city is going to be a tall order, let alone trying to get out to the mountains.

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We’re not alone in it, though. As depicted in this map, you’d be hard-pressed to find a spot that’s not experiencing severe winter weather for hundreds of kilometres in any direction. Ironically (at least to us), it’s northern BC that seems to be the least affected right now. Of course, that’s relative- some areas up there are seeing wind chills down to -45°C.

Our advice? Well, with the winter weather warning in BC in place, maybe now’s the time to finally crack open a new book and cozy up in your apartment. Or, if you’re ready for an adventure, you can check out some of our top picks for winter activities in and around the city. Just make sure you’ve got the right tires!