While it might not look like it in Vancouver, anyone planning a road trip for this fall should be aware that the BC winter tire laws have officially come back. These laws cover some of BC’s most popular highways, so it’s good to know before you go!

From now until at least March 31st, anyone trying to get to Whistler, Tofino, or the Interior for a little skiing will need to have the proper tires. In BC, these can be either Mud & Snow (M+S) or ‘severe service’ (the Mountain Snowflake symbol) tires.

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In addition to plain and simple safety issues, the highways requiring winter tires will have police or other enforcement agencies patrolling for offenders. If you’re caught without them, and you’re on a highway that needs them, you could be asked to turn around, and/or slapped with a $121 fine.

To learn more about BC winter tire laws, and to see all the highways that require them, head over to the BC Government website. Stay safe during your road trips this winter, folks!