With rainy days come rainy day activities, and curling up on the couch is right up there with the best of them. If you’re looking for some new to read, we’ve rounded up some of the best bookstores in Vancouver for you to check out. Local legends, longtime favourites, specialty spots… you name it!

Here are 10 of the best bookstores to browse around Vancouver.



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Massy Books is a fully Indigenous-owned bookstore located right in Chinatown. From out-of-print and rare books to current day bestsellers, this is always our first stop on a book buying tour. Plus, they’re all about community, and often host art exhibitions and other events in their space!

Where: 229 East Georgia Street


Since 1985, Kestrel Books has been the passion of its owner and operator Ron Fryer. There is a carefully curated selection at Kestrel. You’ll find fun children’s books, medieval literature, and some esoteric, Aleister Crowley-type stuff. Definitely worth a visit when you’re browsing around Kitsilano.

Where: 3642 West 4th Avenue

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Speaking of Kitsilano, we cannot forget Banyen. A haven for the more, uh, spiritual among us, Banyen is the place to go when you’re looking to open some chakras, explore your spirituality, or read up on the lesser-known histories of the world. Plus, their calendar selection is second to none.

Where: 3608 West 4th Avenue


If you’re in the mood for the type of bookstore you’d see in the movies, Macleod’s Books is your place. Located downtown, Macleods has books upon books piled high and spilling out onto the floor. Even if you can’t find what you’re after (we rarely do), we’re sure you’ll still find something amazing.

Where: 415 West Pender Street



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This is a classic, highly-curated book store. From amazing literature to strange non-fiction and manuals, there always seems to be something new here. And while the selection might not match some of the other stores on this list, it’s easily one of our top bookstores to visit in Vancouver.

Where: 344 West Pender


Having been around for over 40 years, White Dwarf should be the first spot in mind for anyone looking for sci-fi and fantasy books. After all, why sit around being a regular person when you can explore the sand planet X-12B7 or whatever it is. We’re sure it’d be Grimes top pick if she was asked.

Where: 3715 West 10th Avenue



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If you’re looking for new books, this is the place to go. Pulpfiction has become one of the busiest bookstores not just in Vancouver, but all of Western Canada. Why? Well, they’ve got a great selection in-store, but also offer deals on new releases as well.

Where: 2422 Main Street, 2754 West Broadway, and 1830 Commercial Drive


If you’re in the mood for something a little more confrontational, Spartacus Books is the place to check out. This volunteer-run nonprofit books store has been selling political books and literature since 1973. And they are the place to check out if you’re looking to read some unique perspectives on modern issues.

Where: 3378 Findlay Street


Located on arguably the best part of Main Street, Carson Books is a great stop during a day of shopping or a neighbourhood stroll. Plus, it’s always nice to find a weird, cheap vinyl to add to your collection for after a little bit of reading.

Where: 4340 Main Street

READ Books


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More about a new coffee table book than a novel? READ Books might have what you need. Located inside Emily Carr, this spot specializes in art books (naturally), and includes everything from the big names to self-published pieces from the school and beyond!

Where: 520 East 1st Avenue

Alright fellow readers, that’s our roundup of some of the best bookstores to browse around Vancouver! Keep this list in mind for the next rainy day (or week) and visit some local favourites!