Whether you enjoy chasing frozen waterfalls or going snowshoeing, there are plenty of ways to get outside every winter and enjoy the season. And if you need another fun activity for your winter bucket list, consider adding ice cave spelunking.

In addition to the smaller ice “caves” you can explore at Bridge River Valley, there are a handful of popular winter destinations on this list that you’ll want to check out if wintertime caving is on your to-do list.

First off, we have Whistler’s famed Blackcomb Ice Cave Tours, offered by Mountain Skills Academy. The tour takes participants on a magical four-hour journey to BC’s ancient ice glaciers and caves, with multiple “tunnels of azure blue crystalline formations.”

Talk about a million-dollar view!

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bc ice caves
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Tickets may cost an arm or a limb at $1,399 per person – but we’re betting this bucket list adventure and picturesque destination is worth every last dime.

Finally, while the popular Cody Caves are not currently offering winter tours, it’s worth noting that the provincial park has stunning ‘reverse icicles’ that you can check out for yourself when there are available winter tours – so fingers crossed for next year!

Looking to extend your adventure? It’s also worth looking into ice-climbing courses you can take in BC.

So there you have it, winter lovers! Now’s your chance to enjoy some quality wintertime spelunking.