Looking to beat the heat and stay cool this summer? A trip to one of BC’s many pristine lakes is refreshing, but what will really do the trick is a caving trip, if you ask us. Luckily, Cody Caves in southwestern BC remains at a cool 6 degrees Celsius all year long, so you’re sure to recover from all the July heat. Best of all? No caving experience is necessary to check out this “glacier-sculpted underworld.”

Situated in the Selkirk Mountains above Ainsworth Hot Springs, the caves are a part of a truly unique provincial park, complete with the Cody Caves System – which features an underground stream flowing over a kilometre through ancient limestone.

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According to BC Parks, the cave itself began to form around 170 million years ago, when limestone beds were thrust upwards by “mountain-building forces.”

“Although the Cody Caves are almost unimaginably old and carved from solid rock, they are exceptionally fragile and can be irreparably damaged in seconds. In fact, the caves have probably experienced more change in the 90 years since their discovery than in the previous 9,000.”

So while you can explore the caves via guided tour, visitors are urged to leave no trace behind, taking extra care when navigating through the ancient caves.


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Those interested can book a tour through Cody Caves Park Guided Tours for $175 per person, plus tax.

So there you have it, Vancouver! If you’re looking to cool down a bit, you know where to go.

Cody Caves Park Guided Tours 

When: Availability throughout July, August, and September
Where: 2 miles north of Ainsworth Hot Springs
Cost: $175 per person plus tax

Information on Cody Caves Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.