It’s no secret that this province is home to some of the nicest ski resorts around, but we’re even more impressed that a BC heli-skiing company was crowned the best in the world. For the fifth time in a row, Bella Coola Heli Skiing took the top prize, up against both Canadian and international names.

The news comes courtesy of the World Ski Awards, a vote-based competition that accounts for both ski industry professionals and public skiers alike. Each year, they release a variety of categories, ask for nominations, and then open up the voting!

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With access to 3.55 million acres of the stunning BC Coast Range, Bella Coola Heli Skiing‘s playground is roughly the size of the entire Swiss Alps. They’re also the world’s first heli-skiing company to be climate positive, by purchasing carbon offsets that outweigh company-wide emissions. Yeah, it’s no wonder these folks snag the top spot year after year.

Of course, heli-skiing in BC is not the cheapest option around, and prices with Bella Coola start around $7,280 per trip. The province also practically swept the ‘Best in Canada’ categories as well, with the Best Ski Hotel, the Best Ski Boutique Hotel, and the Best Ski Chalet in Canada all coming from beautiful British Columbia. We’ll be bold here and say that we expected nothing less.

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