Every once in while, something comes along to remind us that it’s truly the little things that make life worth living. Today? That ‘little thing’ was watching a bottle blonde Gosling share the screen with Canada’s boyfriend Simu Liu in the first Barbie teaser trailer.

Starring Margo Robbie, Will Ferrell, and Emma Mackey, Barbie will take audiences on an adventure to the “real world” after the familiar doll is expelled for not being perfect enough to stay amongst the rest of the toys.

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Photo via Warner Bros. Canada

Like so many of you, we are living for the day that we finally get to watch Greta Gerwig’s campy masterpiece take the big screen – but this ought to hold us over until then.

We’re not lying, nor are we ashamed to admit – that we teared up at the 46-second mark and continued to ride a delightful wave of nostalgia from the bright pink title card to Margo Robbie’s disco dance scene.

This, of course, was to be expected, but we didn’t anticipate feeling a sense of pride seeing not one – but TWO of our favourite Canadian actors in the clip.

Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu look fantastic but don’t just take our word for it. Watch the Barbie Trailer above yourself and tell us what you think!

As confirmed by Warner Bros., It won’t be long until we finally get to see the movie in its entirety – but July 12th could also not come fast enough.

It’s going to be a wild ride, Canada – and we’ll be front row centre when the engine starts.