Holy smokes, the hype around the upcoming Barbie movie just keeps getting better and better. Today, Warner Bros. Pictures revealed the first official look of Ryan Gosling as the Ken doll, and boy, did he nail the part. Move over Zac Efron, hey?

Donning a pseudo-Canadian tuxedo (minus the shirt) and with a subtle nod to the Calvin Klein models of yesteryear, Gosling is depicted as a bleach-blonde, perfectly sculpted version of Barbie’s most famous companion. The actor joins some other ‘ideal beauty’ Hollywood names, including Margot Robbie as Barbie herself.

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While aesthetically stunning, we can’t help but wonder what the substance of the movie will be like. It is, after all, being directed by Greta Gerwig, who rose to fame for her nuanced, female-focused titles like Lady Bird and Little Women. A direct-to-DVD animated movie, this is most certainly not going to be.

But back to Ryan Gosling as Ken. The man has become an icon in the whole “I saw him in a movie so now that’s my personality” genre. It happened with Drive, it happened with Blade Runner 2049, and it happened with The Big Short. Did a new film bro personality just drop? We sure hope so.