Imagine a tropical, oceanic escape set to the soundtrack of crashing waves. Lush jungle leaves frame your beachside view, and when you close your eyes, you can feel the fine mist of ocean spray on your skin. 

That’s JUST the feeling these guys wanted to capture with their innovative canned cocktail, Bali Water. Trust us, this isn’t your average vodka mixed drink. 

Bali Water is a canned, premixed cocktail made with natural ingredients and packed with zest. There’s no added sugar or wonky artificial sweeteners, just 4 grams of natural sugar from the fruit juices. Bali Water is also packed with vitamins and electrolytes as an added bonus – and no cheap vodka aftertaste! The best part is that it’s only 120 calories per serving (5% Alc./Vol | 355 ML), so you can sip your way to the tropics feeling light as a bird. 

Photo by Jordan Jones

While the high-quality ingredients are nothing to sneeze at, what’s especially cool about this canned cocktail is the company’s commitment to giving back to the island that inspired its namesake.

Bali Water’s mission was to create a refreshing, canned cocktail that stood out in a market filled with artificial flavours and excessive carbonation. So, like anyone else on a journey of self-discovery, the creators headed to Bali.

They found the delicious fruit they were looking for, but also something else: a newfound respect for the natural beauty of the world and a profound conviction to protect it. 

Now, Bali Water is giving back.

Through the Bali Water Protection Program, this canned cocktail is making moves to address Bali’s rapidly diminished freshwater supply. By supporting non-profit organizations and collaborating with the IDEP Foundation, Bali Water contributes to the construction of rainwater recharge wells across Bali. 

And that’s not all! 

Bali Water is launching a new Paradise Pack in 2024 with 2 new flavours, and every sale removes trash from the ocean. This initiative is in partnership with the 4Ocean “Buy One, Pull One” campaign, which will remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean with every purchase of the new Paradise Pack.

Photo by Jordan Jones

Next time you’re planning a night-in with the crew, why not opt for the natural choice that also does a little bit of good?

You can find Bali Water at private liquor stores across Western Canada and BCL in 2024. Find a retailer near you by searching online.


Made from premium rice vodka, lightly carbonated spring water, and natural fruit juices.  Bali Water is available in flavours like Watermelon, Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple, available in 4-packs and the Island Originals Variety Pack. 

The new Paradise Pack will be launching in 2024 with Passionfruit Guava and Dragonfruit Kiwi flavours. The Paradise Pack is part of the 4Ocean partnership of “Buy One, Pull One.” Every pack purchased equals one pound of trash pulled from the world’s oceans.