Tech companies are not the only ones expanding their footprint in Ontario. Global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has announced that it will grow its Research and Development (R&D) hub in Mississauga and create 500 new jobs.

This R&D hub specializes in leading clinical studies for breast, lung and prostate cancer, COVID-19, and chronic kidney disease.

The company will also create a new rare disease research hub called Alexion as part of its expansion plans.

The goal of this centre is to treat, prevent, and potentially someday cure various cancers and diseases through innovative medicines, said AstraZeneca Canada president, Kiersten Combs, in a news release.

AstraZeneca has chosen to focus its efforts on expanding in the GTA and southern Ontario because of its “diverse scientific talent pool.”

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Right now, the Mississauga R&D hub is leading over 120 oncology and biopharmaceutical global clinical studies, involving patients in over 50 countries.

The expansion will create opportunities for 500 new employees to join the workforce.

These “highly-skilled scientific and high-tech” job will not only be well-paying but also critically important in the treatment of diseases.

The jobs range from specialists in digital health and data management to quality assurance and clinical scientists, says the news release.

“The people filling the diverse range of new roles will all be contributing to advancing the understanding of investigational compounds that may one day become life-changing medicines for some of the most devastating conditions.”

AstraZeneca has many open Mississauga-based jobs on its website, and you can have a look at them here.

As an employee of the new R&D hub, your efforts could help cure some of the most complex diseases in today’s world. It doesn’t get more meaningful than that.