Toronto has always been a beloved destination among some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. And now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has said what he loves about our city when he was interviewed by Netflix, adding to that list of stars. Arnold and his crew gushed about what they liked the most about filming in Canada. Needless to say, they’re big fans of our busy and lively city.

Stars of the streaming platform’s newest show, Fubar, Monica Barbaro, Fortune Feimster, Jay Baruchel, Travis Van Winkle, Milan Carter, and Gabriel Luna, also joined in sharing what they loved about Toronto and all it has to offer.

The crew was in the city during the warmer season and if you’ve enjoyed a few summers in Toronto, you definitely understand what they’re talking about.

“Can’t beat Toronto in the summertime,” shared Baruchel, to which his fellow actors undoubtedly agreed.

Barbaro shared that she got to live in the Trinity-Bellwoods area and loved the neighbourhood. Whenever she had a chance to go out, she’d explore the park.

Same for Van Winkle who took full advantage of the lovely weather and enjoyed the outdoors. “For me it was the nature. There’s so much incredible nature around Toronto. Just being able to explore that on the weekends was great.”

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They also gave a shout-out to Cherry Beach which they loved.

And what’s a real Toronto experience without checking out our beloved restaurants? Actor Gabriel Luna had one restaurant in mind: Mamakas. The Ossington strip resto offers delicious Greek cuisine that he found to be great.

He also gave some recognition to our hot chicken scene, with Buchel tagging in claiming we’ve “figured it out”. Tell us, what other city has better hot chicken than Toronto? We’ll wait.

“Every day I ate jerk chicken from a different place and it was delicious. I come back to L.A, I can’t jerk chicken the same way I get in Toronto,” said Milan Carter. We believe him!

Van Winkle also mentioned he enjoyed some eats at a local Ethiopian restaurant.

That’s the great thing about Toronto, there’s lots to do and eat. Whether it be exploring our popular tourist attractions or enjoying summer festivals, the squad didn’t miss out on the activities, too.

Some of the actor squad also hit up the popular Beer Fest event and explored more of Ossington right after.

“And then also, after we went to beer fest, and decided to get something to eat on Ossington, there were block parties on every block,” said Carter.

“Oh yeah there were a lot of festivals in the summer,” added Feimster. It’s never a dull moment in the city, especially in the summer.

“We danced for like three hours in the middle of the street,” teased Carter.

Barbaro also added how much she loved the Ossington strip and enjoyed all of our outdoor patio seating. We do love our patios.

Arnold reminisced on his “extraordinary” bicycle rides in the city. And we don’t doubt he enjoyed them, he was spotted plenty of times across the city on his bike.

“We went down to the river and the city was beautiful. The people were so nice. Even when you screwed up and you almost ran someone over, they would apologize to you,” joked Arnold “I mean the Canadian people were very, very sweet, very kind.”

He wasn’t the only one to agree on Canadian hospitality. Feimster also mentioned how kind our city was.

“Everywhere we went, everyone was so nice. I mean, smiling, waving,” said Feimster.

They also showed some love to their Canadian stunt crew, makeup artists, and entire production team.

Clearly, Canadians are one of a kind, and don’t take our word for it, here’s the proof!

The Fubar team loved Toronto and we love them. Come back anytime!