Toronto is a fantastic city — just ask some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Jason Momoa and Mila Kunis were recently interviewed by Netflix about what they loved most about filming in Canada, and both had incredible things to say about Toronto.

Kunis lived in the city while filming her recent movie Luckiest Girl Alive.

She said that she hadn’t worked in Toronto since she was in her twenties, so going back later in life with her kids gave her a new appreciation for the city.

“I never got to experience the aspects of Canada that I took for granted, or Toronto to be specific,” said Kunis.

What she hadn’t realized was “just how family-friendly Toronto is.”

“I loved it, my kids loved it. We lived in a place called the Beaches, which is like this teeny tiny little enclave and they had the greatest summer and I absolutely loved it.”

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Toronto was recently named one of Canada’s most family-friendly cities, so it’s no surprise that they enjoyed it so much.

“I was ready to move there and then my husband reminded me about your winters and then I chose against it. But, I was down for the summer,” she added. We don’t blame her!

In his interview, Jason Momoa said that he’d lived in Toronto for about a year and a half for the filming of Slumberland.

“I miss it,” he added.

What Momoa loved about filming in Canada was the Canadians he got to meet. “Everyone is extremely, extremely nice,” he said.

“What I love about Toronto is that it’s very artsy, the food is amazing, very diverse culture.”

“I lived off of Beaconsfield so most of the restaurants I went to were on Ossington, so a lot of my crew and family were there. I loved just kind of hanging out in that hood.”

One of his favourite spots was Sushi Masaki Saito, which he called the “best sushi in Toronto.”

One Toronto chef made such an impression on Momoa that he “stole” the chef for himself.


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“I actually stole a chef from a restaurant in Toronto he now lives with me and I travel the world with him,” said Momoa.

“You just collect people from around the world that you love and I guess build my little tribe.” Oh, the perks of being an A-list star!

Chris O’Dowd, who also starred in the film, had great things to say about the local Toronto-based crew that they worked with on set.

“The crews are always so solid. It seems somehow less stressful,” said D’Owd. “Everybody really knows their s***t.”

Like Kunis, O’Dowd was staying living in the Beaches and said “there were a bunch of great places” to eat in the area.

From Jason Momoa and Mila Kunis to Adam Sandler and DJ Khaled, it’s clear that the stars love the 6ix.