Holy mackerel! After months of waiting (we initially talked about this last fall), the latest Apple update has got a ton of new emojis to go with it. Well technically emoji, but we don’t know a single person who uses the proper plural term, and we don’t care to either.

Anyway, Apple’s new iOS 15.4 update has got a few things going for it, including updated Face ID (now available with a mask on!) and some offline updates to Siri. However, we’re honestly most excited about all the new emojis coming to the party.

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There are 37 new base emojis in the Apple update, but with skin tones, that total goes up to over 120! They run the gamut too, from X-rays to individual skin tones to handshakes to faces that probably should have been there years ago. Yeah, we’re looking at you, :/. Literally.

However, we’ll be honest and say that our personal favourite is the troll, which we’re going to use to bail on plans at the last minute. Sorry, can’t be helped, we’re in troll mode right now and we can’t get out of it.

But whatever the case, we wish all fellow iOS users a very pleasant exploration of the new emojis in the Apple update!