Depending on your career, finding a healthy balance between work and your social life can be pretty tough. Luckily, Albertans seeking advice won’t have to look very far, because according to a recent study, their major cities have got it down pat.

As published by vacation rental company, Holidu, Edmonton and Calgary have the best work/life balance in all of Canada – a title worth raving about. 

“The pandemic threw the world into pandemonium and changed our lives as we knew them,”  they wrote. “With professional and personal boundaries being blurred as a result, many are experiencing a ‘working-from home’ burnout and working more hours than they should.”

“Essentially, establishing a healthy work/life balance has never been more important.”

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From the average annual hours worked and slept each night, to the minimum number of mandatory paid holidays, outbound trips taken yearly, and things like happiness levels and affordability scores, Holidu took various factors into account in order to rank each city, with some of the considered more important than others.

Sadly, despite their impressive ranking in Canada, Alberta’s major cities didn’t quite crack the top 50 worldwide – with Edmonton placing 53rd and Calgary placing 54th.

However, these weren’t the only Northern cities to make the cut.

Vancouver was named 62nd with Ottawa following closely behind at 65th, Toronto was 67th and Montreal was 68th of 124 cities listed.

As for the top 10? The following were name the overall best:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland
  3. Oslo, Norway
  4. Helsinki, Finland
  5. Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Frankfurt, Germany
  7. Linz, Austria
  8. Klagenfurt, Austria
  9. Den Haag, Netherlands
  10. Basel, Switzerland

If you’d like to review the entire list of cities with the best work/life balance, you can check out the original report here, otherwise – be proud, Alberta.

Maybe to celebrate you can take yourselves to a fancy resto or on a trip. The word is your oyster, after all!