It’s been a long two years of waiting, but Bring Your Own Cup Day is back at 7-Eleven, and they’re doubling down in celebration! This Friday and Saturday, you can once again fill whatever will hold those sweet, sweet Slurpees for an outrageously low price, and our 12-year-old selves are screaming.

Like with past instalments, 7-Eleven is encouraging Slurpee aficionados across the country to get creative with their containers. We’re talking fish bowls, we’re talking trophies, we’re talking, well, just about anything. The only rules? It needs to be food safe, watertight, and no larger than 26cm in diameter. Mind you, there are no requirements on length…

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Whether you’re opting for a classic flavour, or going for a smorgasbord that borders on immoral, you can fill up for just $2.49 all day long. We suggest pairing it with some yard work, spring cleaning, or a long walk. You know, all the activities that are made that much better with a Slurpee afterwards to treat yourself.

Once again, Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven will take place on both Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th. Looks like our Saturday plans, or at least are part of them, are already figured out!