You’ve got to be a real next-level Grinch to do something like this. Back in 2012, police actually arrested a 24-year-old man in Kingston, Ontario after he went around a Santa Claus parade telling all of the children that Saint Nick isn’t real.

Steve Koopman, the media relations officer at Kingston Police, told the National Post that the man was intoxicated at the time and was disturbing everyone at the parade.

“I heard a call over the radio in my earpiece that a citizen reported a male was going around up the sidewalk of Princess Street, our main thoroughfare in the downtown, shouting some obscenities but also trying to inform children around him or nearby him that Santa Claus was not real.”

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As if his behaviour wasn’t evil enough, Koopman recalled that the man had gelled his hair in such a way that it “specifically and distinctively looked like devil horns protruding from his head.”

Police ended up charging him with two criminal counts — causing a disturbance by being drunk, breach of probation, and also public intoxication.

Unfortunately, there’s no charge for trying to ruin a child’s Christmas dreams, but according to Koopman, “an officer may still take it upon themselves to at least still have a conversation with the individual.”

Thankfully, the man was hauled off and taken into police custody, and the people Kingston resumed their fun at the parade. “We didn’t let the Grinch get us down,” said Koopman.