Ah, we love animals! There really is nothing better than seeing cute and glorious creatures exploring their natural habitat, is there? Just yesterday, a lucky visitor spotted a very rare and unique white Grizzly bear cub in Banff National Park. Everyone, meet Nakoda!

The video, captured by Instagram user @marseeia, shows the rare bear cub going for a little stroll along the train tracks beside the highway. One thing is for certain, mama bear probably wasn’t far off.

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Nakoda is a member of a white Grizzly family that has popped up a couple of times recently. Although spotting these gorgeous animals is an exceedingly rare feat, this is the second time in the past month that one has been seen. Although we do love catching a glimpse, we hope that this trend of white Grizzlies approaching the highway doesn’t continue.

After all, we can only enjoy seeing these beauties if they stay safe.