We’ve got a fun fact for you today, Curiocity fans. Let’s uncover some stuff, shall we? Ontario is home to the world’s oldest pool of water. We’re talking billions of years old. Yes, with a “B.” Really freaking old. Weird flex, but okay.

There are fewer cooler natural wonders than the oldest of things, and who would’ve thought Ontario would have one? Apparently, we do. In December of 2016, a pool of water discovered in a mine near Timmins, Ontario, was found to be the oldest water preserved on planet earth. Researchers from the University of Toronto dated the water to 2 billion years ago. Hardly looks a day past 50!

oldest pool of water is in ontario

The world’s oldest pool of water isn’t exactly out for tourist enjoyment, as it’s buried 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth. Apparently, the really cool thing about this discovery (other than the fact that it’s been preserved this long) is that there may be traces of ancient organisms in the water. These could give some hints as to what life in Ontario was like 2 billion years ago!

That’s your local fun fact of the day, compliments of the cool place we live. Such science!